Reservation case in MP promotion: 40 thousand employees retired without promotion

Bhopal, State Bureau. In the case of reservation in promotion in Madhya Pradesh, it became so complicated that about 40 thousand employees retired without promotion in four years and the government could not even get a conditional promotion order from the Supreme Court. The situation is such that IAS, IPS and IFS are getting promotions on time and the employees are staring. Right now, due to Corona infection, the trial in the Supreme Court is stuck and in May again more than two thousand employees retired. In four years, the government could not even allow conditional promotions. On 30 April 2016, Madhya Pradesh High Court rejected the Madhya Pradesh Public Service (Promotion) Rules, on the petition of some employees.

The Supreme Court has ordered the status quo on a petition filed by the state government against it. This hearing has been going on continuously for four years, but there were so many punishments in the hearing that the decision could not be taken till now nor the government could get permission for conditional promotion. While the Shivraj government had started making efforts to start promotion with the conditional permission from the court itself in the last term (end of 2017). Currently, cases of Bihar and Tripura have been combined with Madhya Pradesh, which are to be heard.

So far, 60 thousand employees have been retired. It is noteworthy that 60 thousand employees have retired so far. 40 thousand of these were to be promoted in these four years only. Retirement age was increased by two years, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan had increased the retirement age of employees from 60 to 62 years in the last term. Chauhan argued that the case was pending in the Supreme Court. In such a situation, there is no loss of promotion to the employees, hence the age limit is being increased. This period ended in March 2020 and around four thousand employees have retired after that.

On the new rules also, in the sluggish year 2018, the Government of India issued an order giving conditional promotion to employees. On this, the state government also made rules but whether to implement the rules or not, due to the assembly elections, the then Shivraj government could not take a decision. After the overthrow of power, the Kamal Nath government was formed, but it too could not take any decision in this matter. Now the ball is again in the court of Shivraj Sarkar.

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