Madurai salon operator’s daughter becomes the UNADAP’s Goodwill Ambassador

A 13-year-old girl has been appointed Goodwill Ambassador to the Poor for the United Nations Association for Development and Peace in Madurai, Chennai, amid corona virus. The thirteen-year-old boy is named M. Nethra, whose father owns a salon. Mohan told news agency IANS that we are really overwhelmed to hear this news. He informed that Kiddixan Scholarship has awarded Netra a scholarship amount of Rs 1,00,000. Mohan said that we are ordinary people of small family. We did not expect such an honor. Let me tell you that he owns a salon in the temple town of Madurai in Tamil Nadu. UNADAP announced Netra’s name, stating that he would be given an opportunity to speak at the United Nations (UN) Conferences in New York and in Geneva addressing civil society forums and conferences.

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