EX-TSMentity roster Joins Godlike Esports

Big announcement in the BGMI India


India’s most aggressive and talented roaster of BGMI team “Tapatap” also known as ex-TSM join one of the most reputed org of India “Godlike esports”. Kronten, Owner of Godlike esports happily announces this through a youtube video. The Tapatap member featuring the “Hacker” Jonathan, Clutchgod, Neyo, and Zgod also confirm their joining through their social media handles.

How kroton make this happen

After the announcement, Kroten went live on youtube and told that he and Ghatak(manager and coach of Ex-TSM) were planning this for the past 2 years, but due to ongoing contract with TSM and Entity, they were unable to do this. But after the return of BGMI, TSM releases the complete roaster and hires some new players. This opens the opportunity for Ghatak and kronton to make this possible and forms the best BGMI lineup of India in the current BGMI scenerio.

Achievements on Ex-Tsm

The ex-TSM roster has been one of the best teams in India, having won the PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split 2019, PUBG Mobile India Series 2020, etc. They have come 2nd in the PUBG Mobile Pro League Round stage and the PMPL South Asia finals.

They came 6th in the PUBG Mobile World League Season 0: East.


The new team Godlike


The new roster of GodLike eSports is literally star-studded with lots of big names. All the four players on the new roster are big YouTubers with a healthy subscriber count. The roster consists of

  1. Jonathan Amaral a.k.a Jonathan (role Assaulter and flanker),
  2. Vivek Horo a.k.a Clutchgod (role IGL)
  3. Abhishek Chaudhary a.k.a ZGOD (role Assaulter
  4. Suraj Majumdar a.k.a Neyooo (role Entry Fragger).

GodLike has also hired Abhijeet Andhare a.k.a Ghaatak as their 5th player as well as the mentor. ZGOD was the top-fragger of PMCO Fall Split 2019 finals whereas Jonathan had also been the second-highest fragger of PMWL finals.

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