Change your petrol scooter to an electric scooter only in 20,000 RS

All we know is that there is a boom of Electric scooters in the country.

The biggest reason behind it is, the electric scooter has a low service cost, therefore people have needed an electric scooter.

People have a problem is that they already have a scooter because of it they are not purchasing an electric scooter.

Now to see this problem of people a company named Bounce in Bangalore has started a unique initiative to convert any old petrol-powered scooter into an electric scooter. The amount for this is also not looking much.

Bounce, a startup company providing ride-sharing services in Bangalore, has started a similar scheme. The company converts any old internal combustion engine (petrol) scooter into an electric scooter by installing an electric motor and a battery. For this, the company charges only 20 thousand rupees.

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