DGCA said, there is no ban on taking photos and making videos during the flight, objection to these devices

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on Sunday clarified that there is no restriction on taking photographs or making videos of passengers in the aircraft during the flight. Passengers cannot record with any device that causes movement, disrupts flight operations, violates safety standards or rules prohibited by crew members. The aviation regulator on Saturday said that if a person is found taking photographs inside the aircraft during the flight, the service of that aircraft will be suspended for two weeks. In fact, two days ago during Kangana Ranot’s visit to Mumbai, the flight of IndiGo took place. It was only after this that the DGCA issued this warning. In its new order, DGCA has said that action can be taken against a person if he violates safety standards and set guidelines. Not only this, the DGCA also asked IndiGo to take appropriate action on the alleged violations of safety and physical distance rules by journalists in the Chandigarh-Mumbai flight.

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