Married to a 35-year-old man at the age of 15, the minor said- I want to study, declare my marriage void

Its importance is not visible among all laws to prevent child marriage in the country. The cases of secretly married girls and adolescent girls are exposed. A 17-year-old minor girl, who was a victim of child marriage malaise, has raised her voice against it. He pleaded in front of the child line that I have to go ahead with my education, so my marriage should be reduced to zero. Child Line has forwarded its application to the District Child Marriage Prohibition Officer and Child Welfare Committee of the Women’s Child Development Department. Now the court will decide on the girl’s application. The mother-in-law Umaria, who left seven days later, was married to a 35-year-old man in Muasa village of Guna at the age of 15 by his stepfather two years ago. She stayed in the in-laws’ house for only seven days after marriage and then returned to her maternal home. When the in-laws did not return, the in-laws pressured the housemates to send her. When the stepfather wanted to send her, the minor insisted on not going to the in-laws’ house. The rest of the house also supported him. A few days later she came to Bhopal with mother and brother. Here, she is studying herself at a clothes shop and is also teaching her brother in ITI. The mother is also helping to cook food in others’ homes and run the house.

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