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India China Border Tension: Indian Navy deployed warships in South China Sea amid tension between the two countries

After a bloody clash in the Galvan region of eastern Ladakh, tensions between India and China remain. The Indian Navy has deployed one of its frontline warships (warships) in the South China Sea. This is the same area where China has been opposing India’s warships. India has taken this step to show China the mirror. In the talks between the two countries, China has so far objected to this move. India has quietly deployed this warship in the South China Sea. China raised this issue with India According to news agency ANI, the immediate deployment of the Indian Navy warship in the South China Sea has had the desired effect on the Chinese Navy and security system. There is an atmosphere of uneasiness in China with the deployment of this ship by the Indian Navy. China has raised this issue in front of India and has also protested. China raised this issue with India in a diplomatic dialogue through video conferencing.

China has always objected to the presence of Indian Navy ships in the region, where they have greatly expanded their presence on the region since 2009 through artificial islands and military presence. There have been several military-level talks between the two countries. Let me tell you that a few days ago, the meeting of top naval commanders was held in eastern Ladakh in view of the ongoing tension with China. Preparations to deal with the activities of the People’s Liberation Army Navy were discussed in the meeting. In the last three months, diplomatic and military talks have been held between the two countries a dozen times. For India, the result has not been satisfactory. After this, the military commanders have asked the commanding officers on the LAC to be fully prepared for any situation. By the way, the Indian Army and Air Force have tightened their arrangements on the spot.

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