Dragon lying, Foreign Ministry cleared, Chinese soldiers did not fully return

China has gone completely into trickery along the Line of Actual Control in Ravi Ladakh. On the one hand it has not called back its soldiers but on the other side it is claiming that the troops have returned from most places. China also claims that things are now normalizing on LAC. India on Thursday revealed the dual character of China, saying that the process of withdrawal of Chinese troops from all areas on the LAC in eastern Ladakh is yet to be completed. India has also asked China to try seriously in this matter. Ensure the withdrawal of troops. China Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Shrivastava said, “There has been some progress on the withdrawal of troops in East Ladakh but the withdrawal process is not yet complete. Senior military commanders of both sides are to meet soon to find a way forward. We have already said that peace on the border is the most important condition for strengthening bilateral relations. We hope that the Chinese side will work seriously and ensure full withdrawal of troops, as agreed by the Special Representatives earlier.

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